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1.Who offered the crown to Caesar?

A) Antony

B) Brutus

C) Cassius

D) Casca

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2.Identify the word which is not a verb:

A) arose

B) furniture

C) awaken

D) beaten

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3.Fill in the blanks with the infinitive of the given verb: People don’t like ………. risk (take)

A) take

B) taking

C) none

D) to take

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4.Fill in the blanks with suitable tense form of the verbs given in brackets: He……..(have) a new bike now

A) has

B) have

C) should have

D) shall have

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5.Fill in the banks with suitable Question tags: He can hear music, ………?

A) are they

B) oughtn’t we

C) can’t he

D) had they

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6.Identify the odd Sentence out

A) He is fond of Books

B) He long for true friends

C) He depends on his parents

D) He is an honest man

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7.Identify the Sentence Pattern I gave him a pen





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8.Abbreviations The Common expansion of CPU is

A) Central Police Union

B) Central Processing Unit

C) Computer Programme Utility

D) Commercial Production Unit

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9.The District Collector _____ our school next week

A) shall go

B) visit

C) will visit

D) will go

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10.Fill in the blank with suitable article He is ...... honour to the profession

A) an

B) no article

C) a

D) the

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