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1.The power to prorogue the Lok Sabha rests with

A) the speaker

B) the president

C) the prime minister

D) the minister for parliamentary affairs

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2.The source of “we the people” in the Preamble is:

A) United States.

B) United Kingdom.

C) United Nations.

D) None

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3.In March 1925, who of the following was elected as the President of the Central Legislative Assembly?

A) Madan Mohan Malaviya

B) CR Das

C) Vithalbhai Patel

D) Motilal Nehru

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4.Who among the following was elected as the President of All-India Khilafat Conference when it met at Delhi in 1919?

A) Shaukat Ali

B) M.A. Jinnah

C) Mahatma Gandhi

D) Motilal Nehru

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5.Ancient Monuments Preservation Act was passed during the Viceroyality of:

A) Curzon

B) Ripon

C) Lansdowne

D) Monto

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6.The first women’s university in India was founded by:

A) Dhondo Keshave Karve

B) Rani Ahilya Devi

C) J.C. Kumarappa

D) Gandhiji

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7.Who among the following Urdu poets was invited to the Second and Third round Table Conference?

A) Josh Malihabadi

B) Muhammad Iqbal

C) Faiz Ahmad Faiz

D) Firaq Gorakhpuri

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8.The Indian Independence League was set up by:

A) Jayaprakash Narayan

B) Aruna Asaf Ali

C) S.M. Joshi

D) Rash Behari Bose

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9.Who is the author of the autobiography, "The Indian Struggle"?

A) Annie Besant

B) Subhash Chandra Bose

C) Chittaranjan Das

D) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

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10.When was the All India Women's Conference founded?

A) 1924

B) 1925

C) 1926

D) 1927

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