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1.Identify the character of the line : “I thrice presented him a kingly crown”

A) Brutus

B) Julius Caesar

C) Mark Antony

D) Casca

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2.“Hello Sun beam! Whom are you bringing dancing down?” ‘Who is the speaker of the line?’

A) The Butterfly

B) The Migrant Bird

C) The Sun Mother

D) The Dancer

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3.‘Saki’ is the pen name of ..................

A) Hector Hugh Munro

B) Bonnie Chamberlain

C) Tammy Ruggles

D) Paula Coelha

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4. The narrator of “A Close Encounter” is .............

A) Nirmala Jairaj

B) Joseph Durairaj

C) Rex Coker

D) ’O’ Henry

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5.“Gaia is the name given to Earth by the people of ..................”

A) England

B) Greece

C) India

D) Indonesia

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6. Pick out the author of “Swept Away”

A) Bonnie Chamberlain

B) Susannah Hickling

C) Guy de Maupassant

D) James Herriot

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7.Identify the personality who holds the title “The Guardian Angel of Woods”

A) Amrita Devi

B) Bhagubai

C) Kaanchanai

D) Nandha Devi

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8. “The two friends in the story of the same name belong to”

A) England

B) France

C) America

D) India

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9. Fill in the blank with the right form of the verb given in brackets : ‘Slow and steady ............. (win) the race’

A) winning

B) will winning

C) will be won

D) wins

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10. Fill in the blank with the right form of the verb given in brackets: ‘If you enter without permission, you ............... (punish)’

A) punish

B) will punish

C) will be punished

D) will be punishing

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