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1."And, underneath our heavy eyelids drooping, / The reddest !lower would look as pale as snow". The figure of speech used here is

A) simile

B) metaphor

C) personification

D) Allusion

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2.Which among the following poems contains a strong anti-war message?

A) The Apology

B) The Man He Killed

C) Manliness

D) The Cry of the Children

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3.'Love is not love Which alters when it alteration finds' - What is the figure of speech presented in these lines?

A) Personification

B) Alliteration

C) Simile

D) Oxymoron

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4.Identify the figure of speech in "And flickered his tongue like a forked night on the air, so black".

A) simile

B) metaphor

C) alliteration

D) oxymoron

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5.'Goodwill', 'software' and 'gentleman' are examples of compound words formed by joining ------ and ------.

A) noun and noun

B) adjective and noun

C) verb and adverb

D) adverb and noun

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6.Which among the following is not a word formed by blending?

A) biopic

B) motel

C) notebook

D) guesstimate

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7.Fill in the blanks with suitable articles. He is -----teacher by profession. He loves -----teaching.

A) a, an

B) a, no article

C) a,the

D) the, a

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8.Question Tags :Choose the correct question tag: The match is between India and Pakistan, ..........?

A) is it?

B) isn’t it?

C) was it?

D) are they?

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9.Sentence Pattern : Identify the sentence pattern Hariharan sang an English song





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10.Compound Words Which word can be placed after ...................... land –

A) sale

B) deed

C) boat

D) mark

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