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1.Fill the correct phrasal verb. Friends can help you to ________ a difficult time in your life.

A) get around

B) get by

C) get through

D) get in

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2.Choose the correct situation for the following sentence. I should be delighted if you could attend my birthday party this evening.

A) Neutral Situation

B) Formal Situation

C) Informal Situation

D) Polite Situation

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3.Choose the correct response for the following sentence I’ll do it for you.

A) Formal response

B) Informal response

C) Positive response

D) Negative response

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4. ________! Things will get better.

A) Cheer on

B) Cheer at

C) Cheer up

D) Cheer in

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5.choose the correct answer Use at least five hundred words in your essay_

A) Declarative

B) Imperative

C) Exclamatory

D) Interrogative

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6.choose the correct answer Daniel works on a dairy farm.

A) Imperative

B) Declarative

C) Exclamatory

D) Interrogative

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7.choose the correct answer Shut that door now.

A) Imperative

B) Declarative

C) Interrogative

D) Exclamatory

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8.choose the correct answer Ronnie, I ________________ you in a long time. How have you been?

A) was seen

B) saw

C) haven\'t seen

D) hadn\'t seen

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9. choose the correct answer Some people say that it is better to _________ for today.

A) is living

B) living

C) lives

D) live

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10.Identify the incorrect statements:

A) Listening to music agitates our minds

B) Music consoles and soothes our aching hearts

C) Music refreshes and rejuvenates our minds

D) Music strengthens our hopes

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